Moroi Gaivakala shown the exit in Southern Nines

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RUNNERS-up of last year’s Southern Regional Nines tournament, Moroi Gaivakala, were shown the exit from the cup finals after they were defeated by LB Tornadoes in the blistering quarter finals last night at the Lloyd RobsonOval 12-8.
The match, which saw much speed and enthusiasm from both sides, ended 8-8 at the fulltime hooter.
A try by international, Kojo Ware, in extra time at the corner ensured a golden –point victory for the Tornadoes.
TI Tornadoes now look set to clinch this year’s title.
With the type of attitude they displayed during the week with the inclusion of Kojo Ware, his rugby union play mates, Raicquarawa Moere and Rupert Tete, they look to be the favourites in the competition as they enter the last hurdles today.
However, they have to be wary of Gabagolo Gaigais, who have created waves in the tournament this week and are set to take the Cup to Gabagaba village after defeating Nomarina last night and are all focused for
the final.
The match results between reigning champions Rovanama versus Arinama and the other cup clash between Hisiu Knights and Taurama Waves could not be obtained.
Meanwhile, in the plate quarter-finals today will see Gemu Ririwa take on Hico Brothers, and Lako play Lalokau Dolphins.
The outstanding clash between Lako and Pinu Agebaga was also not played, which is most likely be played today.
 The winners of these matches will proceed to meet in the grand finals of the plate division.
In the bowl semi finals, Morabi Cowboys, Vewala One, TI Stone and Porebada Broncos have survived to play in the semis to battle it out which two teams progress to the next stage of the competition.
Gulf Sapea were successful to live for another day in the competition, which now see them in the finals run, along with Rangers, Paramana Vamare and Veasi Knights.