Mosibe happy with Eguma projects

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A FEASIBILITY study is to be conducted in Misima for an after-mine rehabilitation programme, the Special Mining Lease (SML) said.
The study will be carried out by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Environment & Conservation, Lands Department, Mineral Resource Authority and investors from Australia who will arrive next month.
Development projects will only be approved after the study.
Among the targeted development projects are agriculture, eco-tourism, fish farming, cattle projects, alluvial gold mining, vanilla and coffee.
Eguma SML Business Group Inc chairman and managing director Tauleia Mosibe Jr said the projects would be funded by the National Government and European Union (investors) to support the people in the SML area and the entire Misima.
The SML project was given a K20 million budget allocation last year and K14 million this year.
“A major benefit from these projects is employment opportunities. Unlike then, when the mine ceased operations, many were left jobless,” he said.
A meeting was held from Dec 14 to 18 to consolidate proposals and identified the projects.
In relaying his message to the Milne Bay provincial government for support and understanding in the rehabilitation programme following the closure of the Misima Mine, Mr Mosibe urged the National Government and statutory bodies to set their directions and advice for the projects to be properly assessed.
Mr Mosibe said only Eguma had the licence from the Investment Promotion Authority to carry out development plans for the area.
He thanked the Misima people for their understanding and cooperation to help realise the projects.