Mosusu appointed as MRA acting managing director


MINING Minister Johnson Tuke yesterday announced the appointment of new Mineral Resources Authority acting managing-director Nathan Mosusu.
Tuke also noted concerns from the industry about the time it took for the appointment, explaining that due process had to be followed.
“We have gone through the whole process and I have sought the concurrence of the board,” he said.
“Our system is such that four executive managers were given the benefit of the doubt to be considered for the position.
“From these, I was advised that Nathan (Mosusu) ought to be the acting managing-director for the next three months.
“If our delay in this appointment has caused any impediments to progress in mining, I would like to apologise for what has happened.
“It is not an individual problem but the appointment system.”
Tuke said the permanent position would be advertised to allow those qualified to apply.
He urged staff of MRA and other key stakeholders to support Mosusu in his role.
Mosusu was grateful for his appointment and vowed to do his best.
“I must state that this is a huge challenge to me,” he said.
“However, I undertake to do my best in leading the MRA into the future.
“The country’s economic support base has always been the mining sector, which has always contributed over 60 per cent to the nation’s revenue.
“My focus will be to continue on from where the former MD has left.”
Mosusu said areas of focus in his new role would include:

  • Progress discussions on memorandums-of-agreement;
  • continue discussions on Frieda and Wafi-Golpu projects; and,
  • Work with all stakeholders in the sector on various projects.

Mosusu said this would require the support of the National Governments and urged all MRA staff to continue to work on various ongoing programmes.

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