Mother of 8 accused of sorcery, takes own life


A MOTHER-of-eight reportedly took her life yesterday after she was accused of practising sorcery which led to the death of a boy in the village.
This was confirmed by Southern Highlands provincial law and order committee chairman John Hembe and former Nipa/Kutubu district administrator Robin Pip.
Pip said Pupins Pap Nickson, 45, took her life yesterday morning at Pesi village in the Nipa district after her tribesmen had accused her of sorcery.
They blamed her for causing the death of the boy last week at the village.
Pip said Pupins was from the neighbouring Aian tribe at Sowa village and was married to a Pesi villager. The villagers found her body at around 4.30am hanging from a tree near her house.
Pip said the sorcery accusation against her had been going on for some time.
Her tribesmen had blamed her for deaths in the village. Last Thursday and Friday, they accused her of killing the boy.
Hembe said the sorcery issue was new to the district.
He said Nipa/Kutubu people never used to believe in sorcery.
He said it was foreign belief that some people were trying to adopt.

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