Mother awaits explanation on son’s death


THE mother of a 14-year-old boy whose death in an operating room at the Port Moresby General Hospital last August prompted an investigation by health authorities, is still awaiting an explanation.
Raela Wanzing said all she wanted to know was what caused her son Rex’s death in the operating theatre.
“We want them (health authorities) to give us the report on the investigation done on the death of my son,” she said.
“We want to know what caused his death.
“Today, we still don’t know.
“I don’t know why they keep on delaying it.
“But we have waited for too long.
“We (have been) calling the Health Minister (Jelta Wong) but he is (still) giving excuses.”
Rex Wanzing, 14, died after reportedly being given an anaesthetic injection before an eye surgery on Aug 13 at the hospital.
Health secretary Dr Osborne Liko said the department had submitted the report to the Government last Tuesday.
“The government advisers are assessing the report and will provide advice and instruction to us soon regarding the recommendation made in the report,” Dr Liko said.
He apologised to the family for the delay but said he would revert to Rex’s family after getting advice from the Government.
The hospital had already released its report on the matter which she said carried no weight.
She still wants to see the report from the Health Department, saying Rex was healthy when he went in for the operation.
“We will fight for justice. We want information on the operation.
“We want to know what caused his death inside the theatre”, she said.
“The Health Department promised us that they will take responsibility for the death of my son but that didn’t happen.”
She said she had to use the media to speak out because the family was getting frustrated with the department’s silence.