Moti report to dominate session

National, Normal

STUNG by the Ombudsman Commission report on the Moti Affair released this week, the Government is expected to use the session of Parliament today to hit back.
The report on the escape of Julian Moti, tabled in Parliament on Wednesday, criticised the role Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and his deputy at the time Don Polye had played in the whole affair in 2006.
Other leaders and high office holders implicated include Gaming Board chairman Leonard Louma, PNG Defence Force chief of staff Tom Ur, and Assistant Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga.
The session of Parliament today is normally dedicated to Grievance Debate by Members mainly in the backbench.
But leader of Government Business Paul Tiensten is expected to move a motion to suspend the standing orders and give Sir Michael and Mr Polye the opportunity to respond to the report.
Government advisers said the Ombudsman report did not actually say that the Prime Minister or Mr Polye committed any illegal acts.
“In any case, an Australian court has exonerated Julian Moti from the sex charges, the very reasons why the Australians were after him here. This is a chapter we should close and move on. It would not happen if the Australians did not break the law themselves first in pursuing Moti,” an official said.