Motorists advised to take care

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MOTORISTS travelling between Western Highlands and Enga have been advised to take precautions during the rainy season because of flooded roads.
Provincial works civil engineer Paul Wane Kai issued the warning yesterday at Tomba in Tambul-Nebilyer as he supervised the reconstruction of the road damaged by flooding.
He said heavy rain in the province was causing flooding and landslides along the section of the Okuk Highway between Western Highlands and Enga.
Kai said debris blocked culverts, forcing water to overflow onto the road.
Three other sections of the road are badly affected.
“We are trying our best to build temporary culverts to drain the lakes and later remove the blockage,” Kai said.
Kai said they wanted to ensure that no section of the road was washed away.
“It’s very dangerous to speed on the road during this wet season,” he said.