Motu-Koita villages hit by water woes

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THE Motu-Koita villages in the National Capital District have been hard hit with water crisis for more than three months.
Their governing  Motu-Koita Assembly (MKA), has called on the city’s water managers Eda Ranu to restore water immediately.
In a press conference yesterday, MKA chairman Miria Ikupu, flanked by his ward councillors, said his people had been denied the basic essential for three months and Eda Ranu must immediately rectify the problem for the villages. An emotional Mr Ikupu stressed that his people, in particular the women and children, were hard hit because they were home most times and struggled to get water for cooking, laundry, showers and other uses. The affected villages without water or experiencing low  water pressure are Hanuaba, Elevala, Kirakira, Vabukori, Tatana, Baruni, Pari and other small villages.
“It is making life unbearable for mothers to cook food, do laundry, have shower and other essential water uses,” Mr Ikupu said.“Over the last three months, the water crisis has hit on our villages hard, and it is reaching a critical point,” Mr Ikupu said. He said he had written two letters, on Nov 4 and Nov 9, to Eda Ranu general manager Billy Imar to address his people’s plight but nothing was done.