MP Maru’s new school applauded

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 CONGRATULATIONS Richard Maru for committing K3 million to a new high school for students living along the border of Maprik and Yangoru-Saussia. 

It is light at the end of the tunnel for these longlong meris to have access to high school education at their doorsteps. 

These unfortunate people have for years been denied secondary education, but the good Lord has now blessed the people of this hilly region at last. 

Most young parents of the Buki Arapesh would have made it today and would hold prominent jobs  or  become  successful had there been high schools close by. 

Most are Grade 6 or 8 leavers and due to the geographical landscape, coupled with the fear of commuting, they could not complete their secondary education.

Despite this impediment, the region still produces some highly-educated people who are now holding key positions and jobs in the country as lawyers, doctors, mining engineers, university lecturers, secondary teachers, computer specialists and the list goes on. 

The announcement of the establishment and funding  of  a  high  school in this precipitous territory is a relief and a step in the right direction. 

The MP has done great and the silent majority are with him. 

Since he has initiated and successfully delivered a number of projects with notable achievements, we believe  this  mega  task  will kick-off on a good note. 

With gold drilling to commence soon on the Prince Alexander Range, assets and institutions like this are prequisites to prepare academically-competent locals in acquiring technical  know-how in tertiary institutions, both locally and abroad to work on the project. 

So, what is the name of this new high school? 

Can we name it the Prince Alexander High School?


Kepan Winuan