MP’s son hurt in fight

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014


THE son of a politician is recovering in hospital from injuries after his group clashed with those he accused of stoning his father’s vehicle in Lae on Sunday.

Lawrence Zeming, son of Tewai-Siassi MP Mao Zeming, is recovering in hospital after the fight at Busurum Compound between 7pm and 8pm.

Lae police operations chief Fred Kaiwa said the fight started after the vehicle belonging to the MP was stoned at the Busurum Compound when it was dropping a staff member.

Kaiwa said Zeming’s son, when hearing of the stoning, mobilised his friends from the Hunter area and went looking for the suspects.

“They drove to Busurum and picked a fight with the people near a market,” he said.

Lawrence was injured in the fight.

Kaiwa said Busurum residents on Monday went to the Hunter Market and started another fight where a more people were injured.

The market was closed and traffic to and from the Hunter-Malang-Backroad area was halted.  

Officers from the Mobile Squad, Lae Task Force and China Town police were called in.

Police later warned the leaders of the two groups not to fight again.