MP: Access to media important

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 DEPUTY Opposition leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil says media accessibility by the rural population is vital for information and awareness.

He stressed that information, news and awareness on government programmes, general events and news was vital for development. 

“It is important for the education of our children and assists in their world views and perspective that will shape the future of the country,” Basil said.

“On behalf of the people of Bulolo, surrounding districts and Morobe province, I thank EMTV for the presentation of decoders that will enable the people to have access to real events with pictures to complement the print and radio media as well as social media, which people pay to subscribe to access. 

“Being here today to receive the EMTV decoders, shows the commitment my district has to telecommunication in ensuring dissemination of information, issues and current affairs in PNG, the region and the world.

“Upon EMTV’s announcement to change its decoders to enhance the signal quality for its viewers, we paid for the decoders as the district cannot wait.

“We have to flow and run with the changes in order to keep our people on par with Port Moresby and Lae.”

Basil said they have transmission set up in Mumeng LLG, Buang LLG, Bulolo and Wau township for wireless transmission while Baiune and Leklu villages were on cable network. 

He said Garaina station and Watut would have their transmission piggy-backed on the current VSAT systems and would be installed soon. 

“Information, news and awareness comes with a cost and maintenance and licence fees, which is unaffordable to our ordinary people. 

“I would like to call upon the government through the Minister for Communications Jimmy Miringtoro to start looking at options to make EMTV and Kundu 2 and other television services more affordable.

“This can be done by subsidising costs to engage the transmission of Kundu 2 and EMTV.

“EMTV has coverage in almost all centres of Papua New Guinea and that must be encouraged to continue. Kundu 2 is struggling to reach the rural populace and I call on the minister to help the station extend its coverage and make it affordable.”