MP aids islanders in housing plan

Normal, Papua

The Nationl, Monday 3rd September, 2012

GOODENOUGH islanders in Milne Bay will have many reasons to smile after their parliamentarian MP Douglas Tomuriesa announced he will supply roofing iron and solar lamps under a housing scheme programme.
Previously, the programme only benefited Kiriwina Island.
He will supply 6,000 roofing iron and 3,000 solar lamps to Goodenough and another 4,000 roofing iron and 9,000 solar lamps to Kiriwina.
Kiriwina rural local level government acting council president Ansion Giyomatala and his deputy were in Alotau meeting with Governor Titus Philemon and Tomuriesa to sort out issues affecting the island and its infrastructural development plans.
Tomuriesa and Giyomatala met with the provincial works coordinating unit manager Ashan Numa and briefly went through the projects on the island.
Numa will release the materials on Tomuriesa’s approval.
This time the housing programme will not only benefit the Kiriwina people, but Goodenough islanders as well.
Tomuriesa has had meetings with the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority concerning the planned jetties for the growth of tourism on the island.
He said before building wharves for tourist liners, he intended to improve the road network.
That included ensuring that  there were proper markets, toilets and shower facilities and bungalows.