MP aims to complete highway project


THE Usino-Yali highway in Madang is one of the big projects the new Usino-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro wants to see completed within his term in Parliament.
Uguro said this alternative highway would run through flat land and was more convenient and would be easier to maintain than the constantly deteriorating existing highway between Madang town and Usino.
The proposed road will run from Usino to Yali and emerge at Trans-Gogol Highway near Madang town.
Uguro said he would also focus on resourcing police patrolling the highway to prevent hold-ups and other criminal activities.
Meanwhile, a spokesman from Bogia district, Joe Viaken, has urged all Madang leaders to work together regardless of which side in Parliament they sit.
“They can be in government and in opposition in Port Moresby only but when they touch down in Madang they must be one and leave Port Moresby politics out,” he said.
Viaken said the long-delayed Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project and Madang-Baiyer highway needed the full attention of the province’s leaders in the next four and half years.
“We need them to push for other projects in the pipeline like the upgrading of the Madang-Ramu highway, Madang town four- lane roads, the airport extension and others to start taking place,” he said.