MP aims to empower locals economically, presents chainsaw


KIKORI MP Soroi Eoe aims to empower his people economically instead of waiting for the Government.
Eoe, who is the Public Service Minister, said this when presenting a chainsaw to Ward 14 of the Ihu local level government (LLG) to allow the people to cut timber.
Ward 14 consists of Belepa, Hiloi, Opuloria and Opa villages.
Eoe said four sewing machines would be bought for the four villages.
He urged the communities not to be lazy but to take the initiative to improve their livelihoods instead of waiting on the government for assistance.
“Initiatives like this enables communities to progress and enables further economic opportunities as well,” he said.
Moro Kivovia, a local leader representing these communities said: “The communities have plans to improve their livelihood.
“Through this assistance, they plan to clear a huge plot of land to plant gardens as well as cut timber to build better homes and plant cocoa trees to increase income.
“This chainsaw will further help the Opa Primary School as well as churches in the community.
“This assistance would be a great help to the communities today and into the future.” Eoe recently presented sewing machines to mothers as well as a rice mill to communities in the district.
encouraging self-help initiatives throughout the district.