MP aims to show value of basic services over cash

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KANDEP MP Alfred Manase wants his people to understand that provision of basic services is more important than cash handouts because their lives depend on them no matter how small they may seem.
Manase says the idea is to change the mindset of the people to understand that basic services are more valuable than money.
“What they (the people of Kandep) are used to was that they got cash every now and then and so nobody was interested in these basic services,” he said.
“So what we’re doing now is that we are spending more money towards these basic services to tell them that money is not the answer and that their life depends on these basic services,” he said
“It is a big challenge for me and my administration to ensure that the funds that are allocated by the government are used to deliver basic services and to do away with the money culture so the people can depend on themselves instead of depending on the government to give them cash.”
Manase and members of his administration team presented their 2019 district services improvement programme (DSIP) and district support grants (DSG) acquittal reports to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) yesterday.
He said the reports were basically about restoration of existing basic services in the district.
“Most of the reports in these acquittals will also reflect that,” he said.
“We have worked towards a standard where we want to make sure that the teachers are back in the classrooms, health workers are back in the health facilities.”


  • Hon. Alfred Manase. Well done on you and your Kandep DDAs. Change Cash Handout mentality of Kandep is way forward.

  • Thanks Manase, yes handout cash to people is a short time happiness but putting money into building of basic services is a long time happiness.

  • Let’s look at what Wabag Open Member, Dr. Lino is doing in the Wabag District, classical examples others can learn from, if Members of Parliament are thieves, he can do a lot in short period of time, take this as a mirror of assessment, if are in Parliament for a extended term, its an embrassment when measured. Well Done Dr Lino.

  • Powerful MP ,
    Way to go. There is no free cash out mentality. Cargo Cult mentality is way practiced in some places in the late 80s and 90s during WW2 when ancesters were looked up for free deliverance for lazy people. Now we into the 20th century and legacy for the Kandep people. Let Kandepens judge. Thumbs up team Manase ✌✌✌

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