MP blames government

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MARKHAM MP Koni Iguan yesterday blamed the government for the death of prominent evangelist Pastor Joseph Kingal.
Iguan, who appeared upset when he went on Radio Morobe’s Kundu FM yesterday morning, said the relatives of those who have died from accidents occurring at the “death trap” Zumim Bridge in Markham Valley, should sue the government for negligence.
Iguan said he had, on numerous occasions, been calling on the government to redesign the bridge to a safer standard after an increase in accidents and deaths were attributed to its current state.
Two months ago, Iguan, accompanied by Bulolo MP Sam Basil and Tewai-Siassi MP Vincent Michaels, visited the bridge and pleaded with the government to do something.
He said he had brought the matter up in parliament where Works and Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Don Polye gave an assurance that he would “look into it”.
Iguan said at the time of taking the matter up in parliament, the number of deaths stood at 56.
“As I speak now, the number has soared to almost 200,” he said.
“They were told something like this would happen and there was ample time to do something to prevent it, but they failed.”
Iguan said he would file a petition to Polye and give the government 14 days to act, in default, he would mobilise his people and they would block off the road to get attention.
“I am sad over the death of this young spiritual leader.
“Kingal has contributed meaningfully to both the spiritual and economical developments of the country,” he said.