MP blames rising crime on lack of prosecutions

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The National, Tuesday 4th June 2013

 LACK of prosecutions has been blamed for rising crime rate in Papua New Guinea. 

Several MPs said during debate in parliament that relevant authorities such as the police and justice departments had been slack in enforcing laws by not prosecuting people involved in criminal activities. 

Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa, a former Police and Justice minister, said law and order problems could not be solved effectively “because law enforcers failed to enforce the laws on prosecuting those involved in wrong-doing”. 

“There is a dismal record of police prosecutions in this country. We need stringent conduct by law enforcers to ensure prosecution is maintained on all cases of crime,” he said.

“Violent crime is a reality, it occurs almost everyday. 

“We need to enforce the laws. If there is a break down of discipline, then we cannot continue to investigate and prosecute. 

“It is incumbent to realise that one of our biggest problems with law and order is not just lack of manpower or lack of funding but lack of enforcing laws such as investigations and prosecutions. 

“It is an impartment part in the role of policing,” he said.