MP calls for answers from police hierarchy

National, Normal

BULOLO MP Sam Basil wants Police Commissioner Gari Baki to explain why police are failing in their job and responsibilities.
“The people alleged to be involved in the escape of (suspected bank robber) William Kapris are walking away with information.
“Mr Baki must recall his officers to re-open the case to ensure these people are behind bars if they are guilty,” he said.
On Tuesday, the three Correctional Services (CS) officers charged with aiding the Jan 12 escape of  Kapris and 11 other dangerous prisoners from Bomana jail were set free because the police officer-in-charge of the case was busy attending a workshop instead of turning up at the Waigani Committal Court to proceed with the prosecution.
Mr Basil said the release of the trio was a wake-up call for police, CS and the judiciary to execute their responsibilities without fear or favour.
“People always ask whether there are two sets of laws when it comes to dispensing justice.
“The rule of law, which is the foundation of a civilised society, demanded that all persons are equal before the law.
“Whether the alleged persons were high or low profile, everybody is equal before the law, and they all have to be dealt with the same way.
“The police know what to do but they were not doing it. A person’s innocence is still yet to be proven but that did not stop police from making arrests or issuing summons to appear and answer questions relating to the charges,” he said.
Mr Basil said one of the factors that usually countered the freedom to prosecute suspected criminals, including leaders and politicians, was the fear of being sued for malicious prosecution.
“However, malicious prosecution and defamation suits would not hold or succeed if the police do their lawful duty without malice and within the bounds of law,” he said.