MP calls for police action, condemns attack on hospital staff


WEST New Britain health authority’s (WNBPHA) bus was attacked on Saturday night while it was dropping of doctors, nurses and health extension officers.
Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang condemned the attack calling it “outrageous”.
Lelang said that, recently, West New Britain had seen a rise in the crime rate with more than 50 major crimes such as armed robbery and murders committed.
“I’m calling on the police minister and Commissioner to do something about this,” he said.
“Lawlessness is on the rise.
“There is total anarchy and what is the police minister and his Commissioner going to do about this?
“Where are the police?
“If people who save lives and care for the sick such as doctors and nurses are being attacked, then we know that a bigger intervention is needed in policing. “
WNB health authority chief executive officer Stanis Tao also appealed to the people to respect health workers, who work day in day out to save lives.
“As a public entity, the public is our judge,” he said.
“We have been criticised numerous times, most times unfairly and under very challenging circumstances.
“However, I request the people to take ownership of services and have respect for our people and properties, including the health workforce.
“If you are aggrieved by our performance or lack of services being provided, please call in and meet with us.”