MP calls on people to unite, support cattle ranch plan


KAIRIKU-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, pictured, plans to establish a cattle ranch for his people to make use of their “vast” available land.
Isoaimo re-introduced the proposal during an event at Tubu village in the district recently.
He said the proposal was not a new one as his administration had introduced the idea during his last term of parliament.
Isoaimo told the people to form a holding company and to identify their clan land portions so they could be surveyed to determine shareholding in the company based on the sizes of those portions.
Isoaimo said the intention was to fence off the whole land area from Agevairu to the Yule Island turn-off so that the unused available land could be used for the business venture and when the company makes profits, dividends would be calculated according to the sizes of the clans’ land portions.
Isoaimo told the people to discuss the plan and reach a consensus so that it could move forward.
He said he was hoping to get support for his plan from the villagers and other political leaders from Central. Isoaimo said there were development partners ready to help set up the project who had the necessary expertise in cattle ranching.
Isoaimo said the project would use all the unemployed youths and villagers as well as provide training in animal husbandry and other technical skills.