MP commended for good work


THIS is an open letter to Goroka MP Henry Ame Tutuwo.
You are doing wonders as far as real impact projects is concerned for your electorate.
Regrettably, your predecessors had allegedly failed to deliver the much needed infrastructure projects such as schools, water projects, upgrading and improvement to road system not only in Goroka town but in the surrounding rural areas.
The projects you initiated are there for the people to see for themselves.
It reminds me of an old proverb which says “a statesman thinks of the next generation while a politician thinks of the next election”.
The people of Goroka should return Ame in the next parliament to continue the good job he has started. The people to Kamusi, Akameku, Wesan, Nupaha, Kaveve, Gamezuha, Rothmans, Uritoka, Kofika, Gama, Kefamo, Kafuku and many other rural villages in Goroka electorate are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel – congratulations brother Henry.
You have also not forgotten your own provincial capital of Goroka, the roads and street lights within the town and its immediate environs are undergoing massive upgrading and improvement work – good one.
Not forgetting the construction of the most modern Goroka market.
Ame may not have all the solutions to all the problems (including livestock roaming the streets of Goroka and law and order among others) affecting the electorate but sure enough (on current indications) the big boy from Kefamo village is on the right track.
In line with the Prime Minister James Marape’s much talked about rhetoric; Ame is really taking back Goroka – under his capable tutelage Goroka is not lost.

Lagakuka Gipo

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