MP condemns burning of district office

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

The new member for Kainantu and People’s Progress Party candidate Johnson Tuke has condemned the burning of the Kainantu district office.
He said yesterday those responsible were criminals “and once caught, they would be dealt with by the law”.
“The culprits who did this are criminals and they need to be disciplined by the law as through their actions they have shown that they have no respect for a public entity,” he said.
“As a new leader I will do everything to serve my electorate to deliver basic services such as health, education and infrastructural developments.”
He said people had to have respect for services such as health centres, schools and churches that had been provided already and not destroy them.
“It takes time to rebuild them and those few people who destroy such public services need discipline and punishment and they do not deserve to live in society among us,” he said.
Tuke said he would deliver and urged the people to coope­rate with him to experience ser­vices being delivered.
He called on the people to respect the law and not to take the law into their hands.
Tuke said the cause of the fire had not been established but he was sure police would catch those responsible.