MP condemns rape of pregnant wife

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The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011


A GOVERNMENT minister from Chimbu has condemned the actions of a group of people from remote Nondri area of Gumine, Chimbu, who allegedly raped a pregnant wife and are probably responsible for the disappearance of her expatriate husband.

Gumine MP and Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Lucas Dekena on Tuesday said the majority his people were peace-loving law-abiding citizens.

He said the alleged rape was the work of perpetrators who he deemed were  a “minority group of people with sick, animalistic brains who do not deserve to live on this planet”.

“I strongly condemn their wicked actions which demonstrated their inability to cope with the changing world,” Dekena said.

He said the people had changed their mindsets with major focuses on improving their standard of living and that they had no time for kidnaps, rapes, tortures or causing unnecessary law and order problems.

Dekena was the first to step in to assist police with transport, fuel and logistics to investigate the case when the incident was reported.

Using his assistance, police personnel were deployed into Nondri last week and apprehended five suspects who appeared before Kundiawa district court this week.

The elderly expatriate, said to be of Belgium origin, and identified as Tony Boddin remains missing for almost two weeks after about ten armed men kidnapped him and his wife on Jan 12 in Nondri area.

The pregnant wife was raped repeatedly over two days.

The attackers took the husband into the bush where it was strongly believed that he may have been killed and buried there.