MP condemns Unitech killing

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

LAE MP Loujaya Kouza says the killing of a student at the University of Technology last weekend and the destruction to properties were uncalled for.
She was one of the first to inspect the damage on Sunday morning. She is a former Unitech student.
“It’s totally down to ashes. These buildings are as old as the university,” she said. Kouza said the murder and arson were “most regrettable and should not have happened”.
“These buildings are not the private property of Don Polye or Peter O’Neill,” she said.
“These buildings belong to an institution that has served a generation of technical expertise that has come out of University of Technology.
“Generations of students will not be deprived. These are millions of Kina of infrastructure. I don’t know what the logic and the reasoning was. It doesn’t make sense at all. These are people who are supposed to be intellectuals coming into the university. We have all been reduced now to going back to the dark ages. How is it that under pressure, extreme pressure, we can revert back to jungle justice and murder a student and fight among ourselves, and then burn down these institutional buildings that represent the aspirations of the people of Papua New Guinea?
“Morobe province houses this grand institution.  The people of Lae district host this grand institution on their soil. Who’s going to pick up the tab?”