MP Dop delivers machinery for roads

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 1st May 2013


THE people of Jimi in Jiwaka have received financial assistance to fix the bad roads.

MP Mai Dop last Saturday delivered three new backhoes and tractors to maintain the roads.

Dop told people at the Tabibuga district station that two more backhoes and three tractors would be provided to the district administration to help maintain the roads in the three LLGs in Lower, Middle and Upper Jimi. A tractor and a backhoe will be sent to each LLG.

Dop said priority should be given to addressing the deteriorating state of the road.

“Why are we suffering for so long? I spent my own resources to pay for labour and provide equipment when I did not contest the election,” he said.

“Roads in Jimi are the worst of all the electorates in the country. If we do not have roads, how can electricity, water supply and other basic services reach us?”