MP faces difficulty to clear cheque

Madang Governor Peter Yama in the Parliament during yesterday’s season. Seated right is Jiwaka Governor and Peoples Party leader Dr William Tongamp. The session resumes today at 10am.

KIRIWINA-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa told Parliament that he has faced difficulties getting a cheque cleared at a bank because banks have started to ask for letters from suppliers and contractors.
Language barrier continued to be an issue as well, with Tomuresia telling Parliament that when letters were sent by suppliers from remote villagers in his district, they were written in the local language.
“Banks could not understand the letters and dishonoured the cheques,”he said.
Tomuriesa raised questions to Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey and asked what should be done to ensure cheques were not being dishonoured at the banks.
“When it comes to the clearance of DSIP cheques from districts, some of us come from very remote districts, we don’t operate in Port Moresby or around Alotau,” he said.
“In my case, we are 19 to 22 hours out in the remote islands and travel by dinghy.
“When we bring cheques over to bank, the bank would require three identifications that include the cheque with form 11, a district development authority resolution and a National Procurement Commission resolution.
“Those requirements are always attached to our cheques but for some unknown reasons, the banks continue to dishonour our cheques,” he said.