MP focuses on projects to transform district’s image

Jimmy Uguro

USINO-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro wants to remove the “remote” and “back page” name tags from his electorate by implementing impact projects for his people.
Uguro said his priorities for the district were education, health, cocoa programme and roofing iron roll-out programme in line with the district’s five-year development plan.
On Saturday, Uguro was at Wara Laplap in the ward two of the Gama local level government to witness the delivery of 4,000 sheets of roofing iron sheets, a chainsaw and to meet with the community.
The chainsaw will be used to cut down trees which will then be milled to provide wood for housing part of a rural housing scheme. The 4,000 roofing iron sheets, sourced locally, will cater for 200 households.
District administrator Steven Biko urged the community to take ownership and make better use of services given.
Usino local level government president Pewa Aimai shared the same sentiments.
“I want to see my plans translate into reality, if one has a plan then service delivery won’t be a problem, everything boils down to good planning and proper management,” Uguro said.
“The roofing iron roll-out programme is one captured in the district’s five-year development plan.
“The aim of this concept is to ensure that my people have access to better houses, the rollout today is simply complementing that plan.”
He said the district was subsidising the programme for the communities.