MP gives priority service delivery

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The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

NEW Wabag MP Robert Ganim lists, as his priority, the improvement of basic services in the electorate.
Ganim, 49, an educationist who hails from Taremanda in  Enga and Boiken in East Sepik ousted former acting prime minister Sam Abal by 17,900 votes to Abal’s 16,500.
 “I will go for basic projects like education, health services and infrastructures development,” Ganim said.
“I will sit down with my team and discuss projects that will be addressed. There were major projects implemented by the former member and they were not beneficial to the people.”
People’s Party leader Peter Ipatas described Ganim as an experienced leader who he believed would provide services to the Wabag people and improve the image of the province.
“I’m happy that Ganim has been elected because I know he will work well with me to deliver services to Enga province,” he said.“He was elected by the people because he had an own standing in his community as former provincial education adviser and demonstrated his leadership qualities at provincial government level.”