MP: Go into agriculture

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014


NAWAEB MP Gisuwat Siniwin has called on his people not to ask him for money but do something for themselves.

He made this call on Tuesday after noticing that many groups were dropping proposals and letters at his office requesting funds for different purposes. 

“Don’t ask me for money,” Siniwin told locals at Bayanwang in the Wain-Erap LLG area.

“You must do something for yourself and I will come and assist you.”

The MP was in the area to launch a new road for more than 3,000 people living in the Makong-Bosa area at the foothills of the infamous Sarawaget Range in Morobe.

“Don’t get proposals and follow me around,” Siniwin told the people, he said. “You must work first. Make use of the road by planting kaukau (sweet potato), cabbage and coffee.

“Go into agriculture; plant pineapples, avocado and build fish ponds.”