MP group asks for patience

Members of the Opposition visiting people at the Wutung Border villages in West Sepik yesterday. From left: East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga, Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi, Esa’ala MP Davis Steven, Opposition Leader Belden Namah, Kagua Erave Wesley Raminai, Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch. – Picture supplied

A GROUP of MPs plotting to oust Prime Minister James Marape in a motion of no confidence in Parliament has asked the people to bear with them as current political events should be resolved shortly.
“We regret any undue stress on our people and seek their understanding in that we have seen enough from inside and outside of Government to compel us in significant numbers to take action as responsible leaders,” a statement from the MPs camped in Vanimo, West Sepik, said.
“We are following due process as available under our constitutional democracy when there is a loss of confidence in the prime minister.”
The statement was jointly issued by Opposition Leader Belden Namah, Bulolo MP Sam Basil, Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, Alotau MP Charles Abel, Wapenamanda MP Rimbink Pato, Abau MP Sir Puka Temu and Kompiam-Ambum MP Sir John Pundari.
The MPs including at least 11 Cabinet ministers crossed the floor to the Opposition during the sitting on Friday, Nov 13 and moved that Parliament be adjourned to Dec 1 when they would be allowed to move the motion.
But Parliament was recalled on Tuesday this week attended by 50 Government MPs who passed the 2021 budget and adjourned Parliament to April next year.
Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill on behalf of the Vanimo group challenged the legality of that sitting in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
The group claims that the Government’s mismanagement of the Covid-19 threat and the economy has resulted in “unnecessary job losses, decline in services and rise in law and order”. The group urged citizens to observe Covid-19 protocols at all times.


  • Nobody is gonna bear with you guys, stop crying over a short term economic downturn and make yourselves usefull, Why not go back to your own Districts and see if the people are bearing with you guys. All of you are short sighted. PMJM will still be the PM!!!!!!!!!!Period! TakebackPNG from Coporate influence……….

  • Bunch of lunatics claiming to represent Papua New Guineans. Educated and right thinking PNGians are totally against your selfish move.
    By God’s grace, PMJM will rule and reign throughout this term of Parliament!!!

  • All of you have succumbed to foreign influence…you want multinational organisation to take all our resources without leaving anything for us? You want PNG to be like some african countries in the future? God is watching!!

  • Power one is able to recover and fix issues in short period of time. The PNG government is embarking on choosing 1yr pm and not after 5yrs.

  • Foolish politicians of this 21st century. Belden Namah is a foolish politician. So those who decided to join his camp in Vanimo are bunch of foolish politicians. PM Marape will still and will remain PM after 2022. PO sold this country to the dogs before he was ousted by PM Marape. Shame on these foolish politicians!!

  • Common oposition MP, Please be considerate and come to your senses. How can you unwind corruption within short 18 months from destruction that has taken years to accumulate. You are all educated people combine that with your wisdom and come back to Govt,finish the term.

  • Who is your candidate for PM ???
    Let JM complete his last 17 months and then we can start fresh in 2022 to change him.

    PNG will not change overnight my good MPs, please.
    If God willing because he is the only one that knew your heart and will reward or decline.

  • The Vanimo camp is becoming more relevant to fixing the economy PO and his cohorts destroyed, promising miracle recovery. These are loud hooligans making empty economic nuisance. What we know is our economy was hit hard by covid19. Funny PO is smartly pretending to become a law abiding person, he himself became a law unto himself when he was the PM, now crying rules of law governing Parliament sitting and Parliament adjournment to April 2021 as unconstitutional. You set the precedent. Come to Parliament in April 2021 and battle it out on the floor of Parliament.

  • Another “lolly talk” from the “Constitutional Rapist”, who want to make the people believe they are doing what they are doing in the best interest of the people. Why can’t you just tell the people that it’s your own battle and ego for power and not theirs? Hypocrites!

  • Self-centered, egoistic and retard politicians saying exactly the opposite! Most Papua New Guineas are not bearing with you guys. Bunch of lunatics! PMJM will continue after Dec 1 and into the future!

  • Hey, Belden Namah and yoyo Team. 17 months is very short for you to perform miracles to take back PNG. Why can’t you go to the poll in 2022 and mind your own selfish greed thoughts.

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