MP happy with Games preparation


WEST New Britain’s Talasea MP Francis Maneke is happy with the PNG Games preparation going on in his province.
During a recent press conference, Maneke acknowledged Governor Sasindran Muthuvel and the Games’ host organising committee for their dedication in preparing for the event.
“I am very glad to see that everything is in place and also I’d like to thank the governor and the HOC for the work they’ve done in preparing the province to host the Games,” Maneke said.
“It is a very important occasion for the people of Papua New Guinea to come together and on behalf of the people of Talasea, we are ready to receive all the people of Papua New Guinea.”
Meanwhile, vice-minister for sports Wesley Raminai praised the concept of the PNG Games, saying it was an avenue to unite all provinces of the country.
“We’ve hosted the PNG Games seven times and it is a very good concept and let me stress that this is the only time when all the provinces are united at one time and one venue,” Raminai said.
“PNG Games is a time when all provinces are represented and they are all together and I must also tell you that there is no other province where people from almost all provinces live in one town.
“I went to Kimbe to visit the facilities there two months ago and I was also surprised that the town and province had  people from all provinces represented there and it’s amazing.
“I urge my colleague MPs and governors to come out there and support all your teams and ensure you send all your teams and may the best team win with the spirit of true sportsmanship and do the best for your province and your people.”