MP in isolation, urges public to be cautious

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ONE of the four MPs isolated because of the Covid-19 last month has called on the people in his electorate to follow public health measures.
Lae MP John Rosso confirmed that he was diagnosed with the Covid-19 and hoped that sharing his experience would encourage residents to take preventive measures seriously.
“Many of you think that Covid-19 is a joke,” he said.
“I contracted the serious strain of the Covid-19. I don’t know where I caught it but it must have been in NCD or Jiwaka.
“My job means interacting with a lot of people in a crowd and shaking hands.”
He said he did not take seriously the wearing of masks or using of hands sanitisers.
“The Covid-19 comes in two types.
“One is mild which you don’t show symptoms but are asymptomatic. This can be treated by isolation so you don’t spread it to loved ones and others.
“I, unfortunately, contracted the serious strain.
“I was down with stress and malaria which combined to weaken my immune system.
“It’s worse than dengue and malaria, but the symptoms are similar like shortness of breath, nauseous and vomiting.”
He is now recovering after being discharged from hospital.
“I urge the people of Lae to seriously take heed of preventative measures ordered by authorities so we can stop the spread of the Covid-19 which is not a joke or scam as many say.”
Northern Governor Gary Juffa in a Facebook post on Saturday said he had recovered from the Covid-19.
“I am Covid-free for 13 days now,” Juffa said on Saturday.
Juffa said he tested positive in Port Moresby and cancelled all his programmes on the advice of health officials.