MP invites critics to visit electorate

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

KIRIWINA-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa wants critics to go down to villages to see the amount of services delivered.
He challenged them to do so after he was criticised by his political opponents who claimed that he had failed in his mandated role to deliver services to people in Alotau.
“I am inviting those critics to come along with me during one of my trips into the district to see for themselves the amount of work I have done since 2012,” the forestry minister said.
“I am sure they wouldn’t want to walk the length and breadth of those villages because they would not be able to comprehend the kind of services delivered, which I’ve been told were nonexistent in the past years.”
Tomuriesa said the critics were only good at talking and spreading rumours on social media without proof to back their claims.
“I just visited Goodenough Island last week where I travelled to all the villages, starting from Aikawa to the last village of Kilia Abolu. I delivered dinghies and motors to every village along the coast and visited those in the interior to witness projects that I had funded earlier,” he said.
While there, Tomuriesa opened new church buildings, pastors’ houses and classrooms. He also presented a cheque for a water project.
He visited a cocoa plantation at Faiava village and delivered K60,000 for locals can maintain and improve cultivation.
“I am surprised that every village that I visit on Goodenough Island, people always tell me that this is the first time they have seen an MP visit them,” Tomuriesa said.