MP Isoaimo gives roofing material, chainsaws to locals

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The National, Wednesday October 15th, 2014

 KAIRUKU-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo has supplied Aipeana villagers in Mekeo items such as roofing iron and chainsaws to build new homes.

The villagers received 280 roofing iron sheets, five chainsaws, five water tanks and kitchen pots from Isoaimo on Sunday. The village women had asked Isoaimo to supply them the items to improve their standard of living.

Isoaimo pledged K5000 for water taps and another K20,000 for the Aipeana Primary School.

He promised funding for other projects once he received development plans from ward councillors.

“This is the beginning,” he said.

“If Mekeos are serious about getting Government’s service, then they must all unite. Forget your political differences and work with me to get the services you’ve been crying for in the next three and a half years of my term.”

He commended the women’s group for fighting for a worthy cause. He said men and women must learn to work together to assist the Government in delivering basic services.

He appealed to the officials of boxing, netball, volleyball and rugby to work with him in developing sporting talents.