MP keen to support agriculture in North Fly


North Fly MP James Donald is keen to support agriculture in his electorate following a recent visit to a rubber factory in Kiunga, Western.
Straight after Donald completed grade 12 in 2002, he was employed by the North Fly Rubber Factory in Kiunga, Western.
Whether it be rubber or rice, he said the farmers have his backing.
Donald said there were more than 20,000 rubber farmers involved in the industry.
He said yesterday that rubber contributes about 60-80 per cent to the district’s revenue, or between K10 million and K20 million.
“Recently, I decided to visit the factory after my meeting with the board of directors of North Fly Rubber,” he said.
He said a board report shows that just within four days of cupping, about 20 tonnes of latex is sold by highway villages at between K1.40 from K1.20 a kilogram
“We are planning to introduce some incentives to make farmers committed and excited,” Donald said.
He said he was surprise to see a man planting rice at Samagos.
“This is a NARI 16 rice variety which we will multiply and distribute to our farmers throughout North Fly,” he said.

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