MP: Kumuls journey begun

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The National,Wednesday 13th of February, 2013

MINISTER for Sports, Pacific Games and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko says the journey has only begun for the Kumuls for the World Cup and beyond.
“We can’t pressure our players to perform when we can’t back them with the resources they need to be fully prepared, and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the government, through my office, are moving forward for the benefit of rugby league and the team with very particular goals,” Tkatchenko said.
“It was a fantastic game, very very good defence, excellent, but we let ourselves down in our strength, attack, and our discipline,” he said of last Saturday’s 38-12 Return to Redfern loss to South Sydney.
“The Rabbitohs proved too strong at the end of the day, and we must learn from these mistakes and look to a new beginning.
“A brand new day is beginning.”
He said the ‘blame game’ would not do the future of the team any good and there had to be a more constructive sit down and analysis so that the lead-up performances were getting better.
“The solution is having all members of the big squad fully engaged in a rugby league career, where they will train all around the year with very specific training, which ensures that they are readily fit and available when the next game comes up, and very big announcements regarding this will be made soon.
“It’s the only way forward to ensure rugby league in the country, and our Kumuls can take it to the next level.”
Tkatchenko confirmed a PNGNRL board meeting was held in Sydney and some big decisions were made as part of the administration’s efforts to move forward with regard to the Kumuls, the administration and rugby league.
“For too long we have been expecting results, but a sport and a team can only be as good as its administration,” he said.