MP: Legislation next step to sustain youths

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The National, Tuesday 23rd April 2013

 LEGISLATION of policies will be the next step for the national government to undertake as it embraces its obligation to put young people at the centre of sustainable development. 

Youth, Religion and Community Development Minister Loujaya Toni (pictured right) told The National last Friday that her office was keen to prioritise youth development by legislating policies and resolutions which came out of the Commonwealth youth ministers meeting last week. 

Toni said the move to legislate the policies was in line with recommendations for governments and youth bodies to involve youth agendas in the highest offices.

“The next best step for Papua New Guinea is to have the legislation for the important policies and what was achieved at the meeting that focused on youth development,” the minister said.

“Legislating strategies and procedures on specific youth matters from the information paper from this meeting will go to the parliament to be passed so that it can give support to the five-year corporate plan and the action plan 2013 and other policies that are in place. 

“Legislating can provide proactive measures like encouraging youth representation within political parties to promote youth participation and development in the political sphere”

She assured young people that the government would embrace and attend to youth agendas raised at the meeting.