MP: Menyamya doesn’t need lazy public servants

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The National- Wednesday, January 12, 2011


MENYAMYA MP Benjamin Philip aired his frustrations to public servants in Morobe province to improve their performance or pack up and leave office.

During the 2011 budget session last Friday, Philip said the province did not need incompetent and slack public servants to serve 60,000 people.

“Public servants should clock in at 7.45am and clock out at 4.06pm,” he said.

He said many public servants arrive in the morning and then leave until the afternoon before returning to lock the offices.

Although the budget could be described as grassroots-oriented, he said the implementation would “depend on the availability” of public servants.

“The provincial programme advisers and the nine district programme coordinators have to be mindful and get tough with their work force,” he said.

Philip said public servants in Menyamya district were reportly not in their offices and wondered where most of them were during official hours.