MP must explain use of public funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 I REFER to an article by Nibem Mam (Feb 5) and Jason A (Feb 19). 

These gentlemen have raised issues about MP Tommy Tomscoll`s lengthy  absent  and  lack of  development initiative for Middle Ramu.

Although coming from this part of the country, I have not been home for the last four years. 

Therefore, I  am not able to make any valid comments regarding the development issues.

However, from the print media we have been reading lately, many concerns  have  been  raised  by the people of Josephstall for negligence and the lack of government`s services and infrastructure development.

Having taken note of the issues raised by respective community leaders  from  the  area,  I for one would not squarely blame our elected leader. It is the fault of  our own people, especially the Asai, Kovon and the Arwai that lack assessment knowledge on past mistakes.

On the development front, obviously something is wrong.

If what we are hear is correct, then the people must ask appropriate authorities and agencies to carry out an investigation.


Yand Manjnep