MP pays funds to schools

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014

 MAPRIK MP John Simon has given priority to human resources development in the district.

Simon said during the launching of the district credit scheme last Monday that he had allocated K2 million from district services improvement programme to education.

He allocated K500,000 to subsidise the project fees of Maprik students attending tertiary institutions in the province.

“I have seen parents struggling to pay their children’s project fees since most of the cocoa production were affected by cocoa pod borer,” Simon said.

“Most parents depend on cocoa to meet their needs and one such need is school fees.”

Simon committed K100,000 to establish three new high schools in the district.

Simon presented a new school truck and gave K260,000 to Brugam Secondary School to help the school administration.

He gave K50,000 to Hayfield technical high to build a two-in-one double classroom. A 10-seater vehicle was given to the Maprik University Centre.

Simon gave four motorbikes to the Cocoa Board and division of agriculture and livestock Maprik office and the credit scheme desk.