MP praised for bringing peace

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 LAGAIP-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape has been applauded for promoting peace and harmony among warring tribes and for delivering vital services to his electorate.

The people of Paiela Hewa and Mapuni tribes said their local MP had achieved much in his short term in parliament.

They said in a statement that Managape had committed a substantial amount of money from his District Service Improvement Programme (DSIP) funds for the development of Paiela Hewa sub district since taking office last year.

“We commend the MP for providing the leadership for the reconciliation ceremony in keeping peace between warring clans like the Mapuni warring clans,” the statement read.

“We also want to thank the member for connecting the people to the rest of the Highlands with a road to connect the district to the Highlands Highway. We have been a denied group of people but the member’s intervention has opened up opportunities for our people for the first time.”

They also hailed Mangape’s commitment to reopen the old airstrip and upgrading existing and rundown government services in the area.

They added that the MP’s commitment to fund 10% for the churches was commendable.

“God is the source of everything and by giving to his work, He shall bless you and provide you the vision to serve his people more and become prosperous.”