MP provides materials to help build new homes

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

PEOPLE in 12 council wards in North Waghi have thanked MP Dr Fabian Pok for providing roofing iron to build decent homes.
Jiwaka deputy provincial administrator Joseph Karap, Banz town and Takipkanem leader Mark Wom and leaders from Andpang tribe said the roofing iron was a relief to many families.
Karap said the people had been using kunai grass for a long time as roofs.
“Population have increased and have exhausted all the natural resources including kunai, pitpit, bamboo and timber, which have been traditionally used to build houses,” he said.
“People can no longer do that. They are left with no choice but to build permanent or semi-permanent houses.”
Wom said the projects initiated by Pok were positive and smart.
Pok’s second secretary Wilfred Kulno said the aim was to raise the living standards of the people.
He said families would enjoy sleeping in better houses and use electricity to cook and for children to use electronic devices to study.
“We have trained young people on how to handle the machines and cut timber.
“They will receive their certificates from the University of Technology and will become specialised operators in the district,” Kulno said.
Pok urged those who received the roofing sheets to start building better houses.