MP: Refrain from illegal activities

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

THE people of Jiwaka need to stop smoking marijuana and drinking homebrew and invest in income generating activities, Finance Minister James Marape says.
Marape said that after giving a cheque for K3 million to the Jiwaka administration to use it for advertising positions, building an office and other administration matters.
Marape said if the people could change, the province could move forward.
“You have to do away with your bad habits because Jiwaka is a new province of its own and it will need productive people to move it,” he said.
Marape said instead of wasting their time doing nothing, people must turn to agricultural activities.
“If a single coffee tree can give you a K10, then compare that if one person has 500 coffee trees and see how much he can earn,” he said.
“It’s K5,000 a year, and if you divide that by 24 fortnights you can see how much you will earn.”
He said the government would pay for free education and health and people could use the money from coffee to look after themselves.
Marape said people needed to get involved in agricultural activities as that would help develop the economy of the province and the country.
“Coffee and tea can be used as the main resource to generate income for the province and the country.”
He said Jiwaka would receive the next K100 million committed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
He said that money could be used to develop the province.
 “You need to make your life become more meaningful and that is to do away with your bad habits and focus on productive activities,” he said.