MP reveals plans for new high schools

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday April 21st, 2016

 Three new high schools will be built this year in Maprik, East Sepik to accommodate the growing number of students, local MP John Simon says.

The new schools are Kombikum, Ganglo and Balaga. 

Simon said Maprik was the second most populated district in the country. 

He said this when handing a cheque for K57,000 to Maprik students at the University of Papua New Guinea yesterday.

Simon said that these three new high schools will accommodate the huge number of students passing out each year from primary schools to the existing high schools in the district.

He is looking at ways to recruit Maprik students attending the University of Goroka to return home to teach there when they graduate.

These initiatives, he said would give fair chances to every Maprik child to complete secondary education and have a better chance of making it into the higher learning institutions of the country. 

Simon said that the district depended mostly on cash crops and one other means to raise its revenue levels was through its human resources.

He believes by educating students of Maprik, the district can create a healthy and wealthy human resource. 

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