MP Simon doing what is right for his electorate

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 WANBEL Niape’s letter about Maprik MP John Simon buying vehicles for schools and giving money to villagers (The National, July 1) cannot go unchallenged. 

The writer cannot compare Richard Maru and Simon as they are two different people and the two electorates are not the same, so they cannot initiate the same projects. 

The writer is not even from the electorate and he lives in Port Moresby. 

Purchasing transport for the two premier schools in Maprik was something Simon did right. 

If you travel along the Sepik Highway in the morning or afternoon, you will see students from Maprik Secondary and Ganba Technical High School lining up, waiting for transport. 

Some PMVs and good-hearted people usually pick them up and drop them off without charging them. 

I really felt for these students until two weeks ago when Simon donated the vehicles to the schools. 

My concern is that the school administration must manage the vehicles properly and use them for the intended purpose. 

Finally, I am a supporter of both Maru and Simon. 

I support what they are doing currently and their efforts put money into areas of their electorates which  are most in need. 


Trems Gaindus

Nelikum Village