MP slams police

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 WABAG MP Robert Ganim has blasted police in Enga for their lack of performance.

“The escalating lawlessness in the district is simply because the policemen and women are not doing their job,” he said.

Ganim made the remark in front of a crowd in Wabag town after relatives of two men who were shot dead by members of a warring clan last Sunday presented a petition to authorities in the province to sack the provincial police commander, among others, for failing to do their duty.

According to police reports, the two relatives from Kala and Kia tribes, near Wabag, were on the roadside last Sunday when a group of men from Sakarip area, who allegedly hijacked a PMV bus, drove towards Teremanda village, before they mistakenly shot them.

Ganim said the police commanders in the province had failed his duty in organising police personnel to respond to lawlessness, mainly tribal fighting in the province.

“The tribal fighting in the Sakarip areas is a manageable issue. We could have stopped it a long time ago if our police bosses are sensitive to the problems,” he said.

Ganim said he would talk to Enga Governor Peter Ipatas to push for a change in the top police hierarchy to restore public trust and confidence.