MP steps in to help parents with tuition fees

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014


HENGANOFI MP Robert Atiyafa has stepped in to help parents pay the tuition fees for all his district’s tertiary students in the country. 

It has brought much relief to the struggling parents.

Atiyafa gave out almost K2 million to Henganofi students in Goroka last week.

Those in elementary, primary and secondary schools are benefiting from the national government’s free education policy. 

“The time to pay school fees is at the beginning of the year, I will always help parents in Henganofi to pay fees for the students at the beginning of the year so as long as I am in office,” Atiyafa said.

He disagreed with politicians paying fees in the middle and towards the end of the year and urged them to assist struggling parents at the start of the year. 

“Eastern Highlands is a big province and the provincial government must spend money in education so we have quality and educated citizens to run the place in future.”

Aityafa called on his people not to cheat and to be honest and to apply for their own children to benefit from his fees.

He does not want them to bring in their extended relatives to benefit from the grants because money was only for Henganofi children.

“People who gather information about the students must be honest. If they are not honest we will scrap the initiative. Honesty  must be maintained at all costs.”