MP: Stop exporting chromite via Lae

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013


RAICOAST MP James Gau has supported calls for Ramu Nickel and Cobalt (NiCo) company to stop exporting chromite from its Kurumbukari mine in Madang via the Lae port in Morobe. 

Gau told a media conference yesterday that Madang had missed out on various revenue sources in the past and “we do not want this to happen”. 

“I strongly support deputy governor Bob Wati’s call for Ramu Nickel and Cobalt (NiCo) company in Madang to stop exporting chromite using Lae port facilities in Morobe,” he said.

“Any resources that are developed in Madang or any other province must have return of benefits through internal revenue sources and community service obligations.

“That is totally unfair and unjust to have this project developed in Madang while it is not benefitting from return on their investment.” 

Gau added that there was no agreement for the mineral to be exported from elsewhere except from Madang.

“The company should not work in isolation but consult with all stakeholders,” he said. 

Gau also urged Ramu NiCo and the national government to ensure the roads and bridges programme for Raicoast and the Usino-Bundi-Madang highway project were funded and implemented.