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THE Government has been urged to stop using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to ignore other “pressing issues” which are hurting the people, Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill says.
O’Neill, the People’s National Congress Party leader and former prime minister, said the most pressing issue was the contracting economy.
“There is no doubt the coronavirus is one of the most important challenges facing the country today, but a capable government would not lose sight of the many other critical areas that must be managed,” he said. He said the pandemic was being used as a smokescreen to “hide inaction and failure”, as the economy had been in serious trouble even before the coronavirus crisis.
“The Investment Promotion Authority was cited in a Business Advantage PNG story published today (yesterday) stating that foreign direct investment fell by 80 per cent in the first quarter of this year,” he said.
“The Government’s failure to deliver commitments made under the 2020 budget will not go away. In recent weeks, we have seen a further serious decline of the economy and failure of the government to meet services obligations.”
An attempt was made yesterday to get a comment from the office of Prime Minister Jams Marape.
O’Neill pointed out funding shortfalls in healthcare, education and law and order, and the continuing delay in paying public servants fortnightly.
“There can be no excuse for not meeting national financial obligations, particularly as the government has borrowed more than K2billion to meet Covid-19 promises,” he said.
“This Government has also taken other foreign debts and stopped making loan payments as part of the Treasurer’s Paris Club deal.
“At the same time, the country has missed out on State revenue because of their near-killing of the resources sector.”
O’Neill doubted whether Marape would keep his promise to revive or finalise major resources projects by September. “We are less than a month away from his deadline, but Porgera is still closed, P’nyang negotiations are still failed, Papua LNG is still on the shelf and Wafi-Golpu is still all talk,” he said.


  • a well articulated comment from a wise leader. Most of the people are suffering from economic hardship and other curable disease while the government is only focusing on COVID 19 Pandemic as the only issue of concern in the country.

  • a wise leaders comment is better for the nation..Right now the government is only forcusing on convid 19 pandemic issue. Most people are suffering from economic hardship today..

  • Yes Life or Money? as the saying goes, so life is important then money – economy, government must focus on Corona-virus first.

  • PO is still the best PM this country has ever had since Independence. PMJM has really gotten this country to stand still thus you and don’t know if he is going to get us back ward or forward. My perception is that we are heading for doom & gloom. COVID-19 does not look going to go away until a vaccine is found and the economy may recover if get can get Pogera, Papua LNG, P’ang and Wafi Golfu by end of this year..if not than people have to start returning back to the villages to survive on the land that was provided for our survival by our forefathers.

    • Papua New Guinea has always been a rural based economy so all the people must return to the villages, work on the land and help to revive the economy. Stop being like parasites in towns and cities, waiting for free handouts and die from all kinds of diseases.

  • Well said Mr ONiel. Life goes on through the pandemic and will go on after the pandemic. Everyone in the world is focusing on the pandemic while making sure all vital government services are maintained. Life after the pandemic (if it does go away) depends on how well we navigate through this trying times. If nothing is delivered from the 2020 budget promises, this government has failed. We cannot go on blaming the pandemic forever. We learn, we adapt and overcome. No more blaming Covid 19 for our failures.

  • So all money budgeted only for Covid-19.No other areas.What a hell you talking, PNG is not like your small village.This is a country and manage the affairs of the country properly and manage well.

  • PO, You have been mandated to lead by the people by electing your Party candidates in the 2017 general elections. Legally or not you have been removed on the floor of Parliament. you are a true Leader, what you did in your short term as PM speaks for itself. You will return as PM after the 2022 general Elections.

  • Well said, as a lot of people are suffering because loss of job and some hours and days cut just to keep the operations open.
    Government needs to drastically do more for the people, multi-task instead of concentrating on covid alone.
    We, the little people are the backbone of this nation. Utilise this to stir up the domestic economy so all can survive going forward to help drive our local economy back up. The government pays big bucks to consultants so use that and do something ASAP.

  • The 2022 election battle will be between Pangu Pati leader JM anf PNC party leader PO. My own judgement is that PO will come back as our PM. Many current MPs on JM’s side will loose their seats.

  • Money or life? You can live without money but whatabout life? Can you live without Breathing an air for a day? Money bai stap man bai die so prioritize life blo man ok toktok lo money.. Stop critizing and work together to stop COVID-19.. Life is everyones bussiness.

  • Good statement if only vagrancy act is implemented the city would be very healthy today.
    Both are very important s Strategy needed to be developed now to handle both issues side by side. God will give the wisdom.
    Willing to cheap in if welcome.

  • Criticism will never get our nation any where, Let our current Government Marape/Steven government do their work, I agree will Petrus points

  • Former PM is very correct about the current government.
    But the comments about current economy is irrelavent because the down turned of our economy was realised during the former PM’s tenure.
    This is a global issue and there is nothing we can do about it. Its not the current or former government’s doing.

    • Papua New Guineans can always work on the land and propel our economy forward. We have everything at our disposal but we are very, very lazy to get our hands dirty. That is why our country is not moving forward. Our way of thinking has been corrupted by the handout mentality that we tend to blame the government for all our problems and sufferings. We must learn to think rationally rather than blurting out anything that comes to mind. God bless PNG.

  • Criticism is allowed. It is how one responds to criticism. It can make you better if you take it positively or sink you if taken negatively.
    Mature and wise people almost always take it positively.

  • Aive Maga, if you’re residing in urban area you will need money to look after your life. Illness will also require money. Unless you live back in your village where everything is free.

    Strong economy means healthy strong life.

  • Mr. Mr Former, please, we want corporation between each other to care for nations life,we dont want criticism. if you hear the word of GOD, you should care for people.

  • The current former PM,you are very concern with the nation’s economy.I really support you but I should say weakening of PNG’s economy began in the good hands of PNC.

  • PM JM is using Covid-19 as an escuse and we’re aware of that. PNG will face disaster because 2022 is around corner and I believe a year or two before election is to think about a second chance. It is how our past government have been doing and PM JM is not new to that.
    As I’am a concern citizen I’m seeing most of the students attending tetiary institution &secondary schools are withdrawing due to the shutdown of porgera.
    If PMJM really concern about PNG then, those 2000+ lose job would have consulted well but it did’nt happen.

  • PNG need wise, honest, and rational thinking people. Not empty 44 gallon drums with tainted, corrupted reputations.

  • Totally agree with Tugu and Mr Petrus..All MPs tell your people who are from your electorates now living in settlements in POM to return to your electorate and you bring better services to them your electorate. Also, if I don’t accept criticism and am/was always defensive on peoples critics and like a clanging cymbal making sound now without substance. Village life is better than city or town life.

    • Correct. Go back and work the land. The Government is putting more focus on agriculture which is very important.

  • FPPO was the best as some people think, he would still be the best to remain, he left for someone, for someone to takeover, there are some things that FPPO did was not right, only the Lord knows, those who think FPPO was the best are blind because they can not see on the other side of the COIN…was selling the country to the dogs.

    PMJM the best can take this nation, Classical example Porgera Mine….

  • I agreed with Hudo Ame And Samule T, Please Stop Talking, let Marape run the show and we see it not yet 10 years yet .please don’t judge and make conclusion Peter heard his term and we the people need change and now we change him and we want him back again or what? we are not steady in our choice ,please stop, leadership is not easy,

  • Please guys,let PM JM run for a little while. Wait till 2022 and we can borrow and spend tracklessly with no accountability.
    Global issues here that affects everyone.
    Many of us are blind here.

  • With gold the price as it is today (Approx $US000 per ounce) PNG should be focused on getting mines up and running. It is not the time to “take back PNG” .. PNG needs money coming in to the Govt coffers before any progress at all can be made. Then the focus must be on Health and Education in this country.
    The mine resources that PNG has would get the country back into the black. Get away from this hand out mentality that PNG expects from donor countries.. Stand on your own 2 feet PNG.

  • Please, lets us remember that PO or JM are not the solution to the COVID -19 Pandemic or our economical crises. They are leaders but finite human beings. They can talk about the issue, create ways to deal with, but will not succeed because all things depend on the attitude we practice, the motive we have towards one another, and how well we as citizens manage our little or big things we own. Lets take all our issues to God and complain to him, he has the answer not our leaders. Our leaders are like you.. they will talk about it but will never be fixed totally. Do we all understand this or just for the sake talking you expressing?

  • Plesman need be educated on how shanty towns and suburbs have evolved into world cities. They were not built by narrow individuals but by people groups who contributed one way or the other and not tightening vagrancy loose ends. Try big and beyond your uncivilized mentality. This is 21st century.

  • The current government has inherited some of its economic woes from its predecessors, the PNC. I believe that is when the slogan “take back PNG ” replaced “wok mus go yet”.

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