MP supports youth rally


INVESTING in youth development to install physical and spiritual growth is the focus of Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo.
Isoaimo said he saw youths in his electorate as future leaders.
He said youth movement was a time bomb that needed greater attention from churches, respective stakeholders and the Government.
“It is vital to instil discipline and Christian principles in youths in communities and societies they (youths) live in,” he said.
Isoaimo made this statement at the closing ceremony of a week-long Inter-denominational youth explosion rally held at Inaui village in West Mekeo last Friday.
Youths, both male and female, of ages between 11-20 from various denominations in 14 villages in the Mekeo attended the rally.
The inaugural event was held at Bereina last year by the initiative of churches in Kairuku-Hiri.
In his address, Isoaimo said: “What the youths have done in my district is a massive highlight in changing their mindsets for better living through Godly principles.
“I supported the youth rally with K5,000, knowing that this gathering was to encourage and support my youths in my electorate to participate in a more resolute approach.
“I urge youths to change their lives. Anything ungodly does not last and I am so privileged to witness this life changing occasion.
“It is about time we restore peace and harmony through such programmes.”
Isoaimo said he would continue to support the programme.
He encouraged youths to incorporate their own youth associations to sought funding for physical and spiritual growth programmes.
Chief executive officer of Kairuku-Hiri, George Aminai, thanked the youths and their church pastors for initiating a very important and life changing programme.